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Holiday Architrave (Glossy White)

Holiday Architrave (Glossy White) #686

No Hidden Fees. Others charge extra for custom text, your logo and return address on envelope. We provide these for free!


This holiday season, scale the heights of elegance and sophistication with our exclusive Holiday Architrave greeting card. Inspired by the classical elements of ancient architecture, this exquisite card boasts a majestic trio of an architrave, frieze, and cornice, culminating in a striking entablature that proudly proclaims "Season's Greetings." A masterpiece in its own right, each 5x7" card captures the glistening beauty of the holidays on glossy white card stock, adding a luxurious touch to your festive messages. With the option to personalize each card at no additional cost, you can inscribe your name and a heartfelt message, ensuring that your season's tidings stand apart in a world of off-the-shelf sentiments. Whether it's for your esteemed corporate clients, your cherished family members, or your treasured friends, the Holiday Architrave is more than a card—it's a gesture of finesse and an emblem of your impeccable taste in holiday correspondence. Indulge in the Holiday Architrave experience with a free sample, and see for yourself how our commitment to quality and artisanship manifests in every curve and corner of this splendid card. The season is about making impressions that last well beyond the winter chill, so why not send a message that resonates with grace and grandeur? Join us in redefining festive elegance. Order your Holiday Architrave cards today and revel in the joy of giving a piece of timeless art that captures the spirit and joy of the holidays. Whether you wish to touch hearts or elevate your professional network this season, ensure every word you send is encased in beauty with Holiday Architrave.

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